Massage Therapy

healing hands medical massage therapy

​Therapies that we offer:

​* Myofascial Release Therapy -

​myofascial release is just like trigger-point therapy, to exfoliate the toxins " Lactic Acid" from the fascial part of the muscle.  It is a deep type of therapy and is beneficial to the patient , because the toxins are released and the muscle can return to normal.

​* Sports Massage Therapy -  myofascial release , deep tissue, and neuromuscular therapy stretches to get the sports patient back to playing sports without pain.

​* Joint Stabilization - to make sure that the , knees, hips, shoulders, ankles, wrists, neck, are stabilized for correct rotation.

​* Lymphatic drainage - very soft percussive movements on the lymph nodes to help with exfoliation of the toxins in the nodes.